Welcome to Gy8, a dedicated audio reviewing and listening space established in the heart of Europe.

With three separate and dedicated listening rooms, unfettered access to its largest space and a central location, Gy8 was established to offer the opportunity to work with and review the finest audio equipment – just as this site was first established to provide visiting manufacturers and those who read the reviews with information and an insight into the listening rooms themselves. That goal has proved spectacularly successful, with many of the most ambitious products currently available crossing the threshold at Gy8, everything up to and including their inside leg measurement duly being reported across the pages of different print and online publications, by myself and other, visiting writers.

But since we established the Gy8 listening facility, a lot has changed…

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Leveling Up?

Level Developments Precision Engineers Level

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Installation Notes – Updated

Learning lessons with T&T’s Nel Extreme and the VA Mozart Infinity…

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Aardvark In-line RJ45 Filter –

Earbuds for your Ethernet?

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