Hits (And Misses…) Munich High End – 2023

TechDAS AirForce One Premium

TechDAS AirForce 10 Tonearm (pivoted air-bearing prototype)

Graham Phantom Tonearm

TechDAS TDC01 Ti MC Phono Cartridge (x2)


TechDAS AirForce III Premium S

Thales Statement Tonearm

Fuuga MC Phono Cartridge



CH Precision P10 Phono-stage (x2)

CH Precision L10 Line-stage Preamplifier (x2)

CH Precision M10 Power Amplifier (x2)

CH Precision P1 Phono-stage



Wilson Audio Alexx V

Wilson Audio WatchDog Subwoofer (x2)

Wilson Audio Activ XO


Cables and Accessories

Nordost Odin 2 (Interconnects, Tonearm Cable, Speaker Cables and Power Cords)

QRT QB8 Power Distribution Blocks

QKORE 1, 3 and 6 Ground Units with Premium Ground Wires

Chord Co. PowerHAUS and PowerARAY Pro

CAD GC1 and USB Control


Racks and Supports

Grand Prix Audio Monza Rack and Amp Stands

Silent Mount SM3 Titanium Footers (under all 10 Series Components)

HRS Damping Plates and Nimbus Equipment Supports

Neodio B2 feet

Symposium Ultra Platform (for AirForce One Premium)



Diptyque and B.audio

Following on from their triumphant showing last year, Diptyque were again showing their novel planar magnetic speakers, alongside B.audio electronics in one of the ‘sound cabins’ in the ground floor halls. While we were listening, a B.dpr EX DAC/pre-amp fed a pair of the interesting B.amp Mono amplifiers, high-lighting the versatile nature of these configurable electronics. Not quite as modular or flexible as the likes of the CH Precision C1.2, the B.dacs are considerably more affordable while covering every base from simple DAC to streamer/DAC/controller, with sensible upgrade steps in-between. Teamed with the Diptyque Reference speakers, the sound was relaxed, open, detailed and rhythmically on point, making tis one of the most successful, affordable streaming systems on show.

Also on show was the Alpha one integrated amp, presumably to run Diptyque’s big news, the re-styled and revised DP 140/160 models. As a fan of the original styling, I was sceptical as to how the Reference aesthetic would translate to the smaller speakers, but my concerns were unfounded. The more compact version looks just fine and I’ll hopefully be finding out how it sounds shortly, when the review delayed by the makeover gets started.

Both of these French companies are worthy of the closest attention, with the national obsession with innovative thinking and a healthy tradition of excellence when it comes to digital electronics combining to produce exceptional (and affordable) results.

Peak Consult Dragon Legacy

The Peak Consult re-boot continues a-pace. The smaller floorstanders got their makeover for Munich last year and now the company has launched its first all new model. The Dragon Legacy is a substantial tower speaker with five drivers arranged in a D’Appolito array, smaller, slimmer brother to the established Dragon Legend, with two 10” drivers in place of the 13” units in the flagship speaker. This is recognisably the same beast, from the facetted baffle and angled, symmetrical cabinet work to the rich wood veneers and multiple feet. But the narrower cabinet makes for more attractive proportions, while the lessons learnt in updating the rest of the range have all been incorporated. A bi-wirable crossover makes bi-amping an easy and attractive option, especially given the dynamics on show. How did it sound? Crisp, quick, clean and cool: Exactly like the AudioNet amps driving it, which speaks volumes about the ‘nothing added, nothing taken away’ approach central to the Company’s design philosophy. Along with the Kroma Mercedes, this is one large floorstander I’d like to get to know considerably better.

VTL and the ‘Son of Siegfried’