Munich High-End 2024


Leif 3 cables offer significant refinements over their predecessor, with all new, beefed up conductor sizes, new shielding arrangements in the interconnects and updated connectors and break-outs/strain-relief. As the most important cables in the system, the power cords benefit from micro-monofilament construction, with all the signal leads featuring silver-plated, solid-core copper conductors and FEP insulation throughout. That consistency allows you to mix and match leads across the family, depending on priorities, without disturbing overall system and musical coherence. With power cords starting at $259 for a 1m lead, speaker cable prices range from $475 to $1,130 for a 1m pair. Interconnect pricing is yet to be finalised, but the revamped Leif series ensures that building a coherent cable loom for any even semi-serious set up remains both easy and affordable.