New Year Music Quiz 2022

Reward yourself with a belated Christmas present.

It’s Christmas and those lazy days before the New Year arrives. What with weekends and bank-holidays (at least in he UK) you’ll find yourself with time on your hands. So what better way to spend it than tackling this devilishly difficult New Year quiz? You could just Google the questions, but I’m not sure how far you’ll get – and some of the answers will be downright misleading. A better place to start might be those records that keep cropping up in my reviews…

And just to keep things interesting, those lovely, generous people at The Chord Co. have donated a pair of their GroundAray devices, terminated to the winner’s spec! The problem with trying to offer audio related prizes is making them both worthwhile and universal. The GroundArays tick both boxes – emphatically, writ large and in indelible Sharpie! Just take a glance at the review if you are still in any doubt.This is one prize you will definitely want to win.

The online entry form is on this link Just fill in your answers, contact details and submit. There’s a button on the bottom of the form that allows you to save your answers and resume later.

The closing date will be midnight CET on January 5th, 2022. Winner is the one with the most correct answers and in the case of a draw, the prize will be awarded to the first name out of the hat.

Good luck and enjoy the hunt!