New Year Quiz – the answers

Devilishly difficult! Nobody got more than half of the questions right, so what were the answers?

  1. Had cheekbones like geometry and eyes like sin and what did they do?

(Louise and she was a weather-girl – ‘Perfect Skin’ on Lloyd Cole and the Commotions first album Rattlesnakes )

  1. Spray-painted bricks and where did they come from?

(Plaistow Patricia – on Ian Dury and the Blockheads album New Boots And Panties)

  1. Needed a headlight fixed?

(That old Trans Am on the side of the road – on Neil Young’s Sleeps With Angels)

  1. Had a 0018 Martin guitar in the back seat of their car?

(Nanci Griffith – ‘Listen To The Radio’ on her album Storms)

  1. Plays violin and moved to London when their father became principal double bass for the LSO?

(Alina Ibragimova)

  1. Got picked last for basketball?

(Janis Ian – ‘At Seventeen’ on the album Between The Lines)

  1. Cleaned her teeth ten times a day?

(Germ free adolescent – X-Ray Spex)

  1. Bite and scratch and scream all night?

(The Love Cats – The Cure)

  1. Couldn’t get connected to 6060-842?

(Kate Pearson of the B-52s, on their eponymous first album)

  • Offered some head and shoulders to lie on?

(Debbie Harry – Look Good In Blue on Blondie’s first album)

Out takes and incidentals? Artist, Album, Track…
  1. “It’s my favourite…” (and the dog’s too!)

TvZ, ‘Waiting’ ’round To Die’, Heartworn Highways OST

  1. “Eth’s got a mouf fulla cookies…”

Ryan Adams, ‘To Be Young…’ Heartbreaker

  1. “… swiped one night from the streets of Dallas in a pick-up truck…”

Nanci Griffith, ‘Spin on a red brick floor’, One Fair Summer Evening

  1. “Big Jimmy’s got respect…”

Kevin Rowland, ‘Respect’, Searching For The Young Soul Rebels… Deluxe Edition – R1 Session

  1. “Yes – hot isn’t it!”

Joe Jackson, ‘Summer In The City’, album of the same name

Who Sang?
  1. “Crying in those rumpled sheets

Like someone’s ‘bout to die”

(Danielle Haim on Vampire Weekend’s Father Of The Bride)

  1. “But even then I knew I’d find a much better place

Either with or without you”

(Susanne Sully on Human League’s ‘Don’t You Want Me’, Dare)

  1. “Fa Fa Fa Fa Fa Fa Fa Fa Fa…

(David Byrne, ‘Psycho Killer’ on 77)

  1. “I’ll stand on your grave and tramp the dirt down”

(Elvis Costello, ‘Tramp The dirt Down’ on Spike)

  1. “Did you ever want it?

Did you want it bad?”

(Michael Kiwanuka, ‘Cold Little Heart’, on Love & Hate)

Who wrote?
  1. Two violin concertos, but seven movements? (Shostakovich)
  2. 46 operas and over 500 concertos? (Vivaldi)
  3. 15 string quartets and who wrote 16? (Shostakovich, Beethoven)
  4. 12 studio albums including two operas? (The Who)
  5. A harmonica concerto for Larry Adler? (Malcolm Arnold)
Who wrote about?
  1. Winslow, Arizona (Glenn Frey and Jackson Brown)
  2. The Isle of Thanet and Shoeburyness (Ian Dury)
  3. Drinking Camden Town dry (Steve Earle)
  4. The Sea, London and Antarctica (RVW)
  5. London, Memphis, Shanghai and his Home Town? (Joe Jackson)
Who died?
  1. In Police Room 619 (Steve Biko)
  2. From pictures and a broken heart? (The radio star)
  3. In 1958 from accidental carbon-monoxide poisoning? (Artaulfo Argenta)
  4. The day the music died? (Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper)
  5. Before Turandot? (Puccini)
  1. 12E45P78C (Beethoven)
  2. …6LS91019051917BY1415 (Shostakovich)
  3. …25LH2829AH32… (Haydn)
  4. 1R3OHLGTSOTNSOAT910 (Mahler)
  5. 1BOZ345678NW (Dvorak)

It’s the naming/numbering of their symphonies

  1. Proponent of parapsychology, Vendanta, yoga and LSD wrote the liner notes for one of Chet Baker’s albums?  (Gerald Heard)
  2. Jazz critic was a lightweight?  (Leonard Feather)
  3. Singer died under FBI investigation and chained to a bed?  (Billie Holiday)
  1. Singer sang about the “the dark sacred night”? (Louis Armstrong in ‘What A Wonderful World’)
  2. Who wrote about angles and quadrangles?  (Jimmy Guiffre)