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The CH Precision Listening Room Equipment List

Obviously, the digital and analogue electronics are a constantly changing cast of CH Precision components, depending on what the company is working towards at any point in time. Here is the list of other equipment that contributes to the system:


Analogue Sources

TechDAS AirForce 3PS turntable

Thales Statement Tonearm

X-quisite ST cartridge


TechDAS AirForce 3 turntable

Thales Simplicity Tonearm

EMT JSD Cartridge (various)



Göbel Divin Noblesse

Wilson Audio Alexx V

Wilson Audio WatchDog Sub-woofers and XO Crossover

Magico S1 Mk.2



Complete looms (power cords, signal and speaker cables) of:

Nordost Odin 2

Chord Co. Sarum T

Argento Flow



Custom cut 40mm birch-ply shelves used with uprights from Solidsteel

Silent Mount SM3 titanium footers