Rooms to Visit, Products to Hear…

A Munich Show prequel – PART 2

By Roy Gregory

More rooms and more products we’re eagerly anticipating…

Apertura– Room Atrium 4.2, F204

French speaker brand Apertura will be bringing two new models to the show, of which the most interesting is the Forté floorstander. Outwardly, this is all Apertura, with the asymmetric, curved cabinet walls, outriggers, C/G positioned grounding spike and D’Appolito driver topology all adding up to a familiar form factor. But look closer and you’ll notice that sat between the two, large diameter bass-mid drivers is a ring-radiator tweeter (rather than Apertura’s more normal ribbon) while the company is clear that this new model is aimed directly at those using high-quality, low-powered amplification.

They are keeping the specs under wraps, but there’s more to designing a successful, higher sensitivity speaker than the efficiency, nominal impedance and bandwidth can tell you. The load characteristics are far more critical than an ‘averaged’ impedance, while bandwidth alone means little without careful voicing of the bottom end. But it will be fascinating to hear just how successful Apertura has been in applying it’s unique approach to this new direction.

CAD– Room Atrium 4.2, F224

The computer audio specialists at CAD are one of the (very) few companies to deliver consistently musical results from a server source – and one of even fewer to do so at a reasonable price. This year they’re once again on trend (or ahead of the curve depending on your point of view) with a new CAT server and external power supply – and in a move that mirrors other (much) more expensive systems, they’ve put a lot of work into a new, cable-based USB interface. While products that are well beyond the reach of mere mortals (like the Wadax Reference Server) are finally delivering on the promised benefits of file replay, it’s companies like CAD who the rest of us are relying on to deliver the goods. This latest progress report should prove interesting.