Ultimate Sessions Extreme

The Ultimate Audio Elite mini show in Porto

By Roy Gregory

Traveling half way across Europe to visit a dealer event might be considered as – in cycling parlance – ‘not normal’. But then this was no ordinary event and no ordinary dealer. So perhaps we’d better start at the beginning, with the obvious questions…

Who is Ultimate Audio?

Ultimate Audio is an established Portuguese dealer/distributor with a comprehensive portfolio of high-end brands, including the likes of Wadax, AvantGarde, Burmester, Gryphon, MSB, Taiko, Brinkmann, DS Audio and many, many others (as you will see from the systems listed below). These brands are presented in two stores, one in Lisbon and a smaller (but barely less impressive) branch in Porto.

What is Ultimate Sessions Extreme?

These started out as store-based presentations of important new products. I reported on just such an event – celebrating the opening of the new Lisbon Store and Gryphon’s 30th Anniversary – way back in 2015 (https://www.theaudiobeat.com/visits/ultimate_audio.htm)

But since then, the concept has grown and evolved into mini, multi-room events, located off-site in local hotels. In what looks like becoming an annual event – possibly alternating between Lisbon and Porto – the company took five large conference rooms in the Sheraton Hotel to showcase top-flight systems for their customers and other interested visitors. The combination of large rooms (most of them with empty rooms in between) and a three day event made for relaxed listening, giving visitors the opportunity to spend time with both the systems and the many manufacturers present.

So what was on show?

The easiest way to do this is to list each system in turn. Sadly, one late withdrawal was the Acoustical Systems A*Stellar turntable, a product that would have justified the trip on its own. Even so, there were plenty of other really worthwhile products to enjoy. In no particular order, the systems presented were:



Burmester 111 Pre-amp/DAC/Streamer

Burmester 159 Mono Amplifiers

Burmester BC150 Loudspeakers

Siltech Double Crown Cables

FalkenOhr Racks



Wadax Reference Server, Power Supply and DAC

Wadax Akasa Reference Optical Interface and DC Cables

Technics SL-1000 Record Player

DS Audio Grand Master Cartridge and Energizers

Kondo Heritage M7 Preamp and Ongaku Power Amp

AvantGarde Trio G3 Loudspeakers with Dual SpaceHorns

Crytal Cable Da Vinci and ZDL cables

Neo HighEnd Quattron racks


Taiko/MSB/Gryphon/Kroma Atelier

Taiko Extreme Server

MSB Select DAC and Reference Director

Gryphon Master/Commander Preamp and Apex Power Amps

Kroma Atelier Mercedes Loudspeakers

Stage III Cerberus, Poseidon and Ckahron cables

Gryphon StandArt Racks



Brinkmann Oasis Anniversary Record Player

DS Audio W3 Cartridge and Energiser

Innuos Statement Next-Gen Server

Accuphase DC-1000 DAC

Accuphase C-2900 Preamp

Accuphase A-300 Mono Amps

Audiovector R8 Arreté Loudspeakers