Ultimate Sessions Extreme

But more importantly, this ‘show’ didn’t stop at the doors of the hotel. Outside, the beautiful city of Porto beckoned, offering a whole different range of opportunities. If the Ultimate Audio stores can be described as Audio destinations, a big part of that is down to their locations in an accessible and fascinating part of the world. This was definitely an event that was worth visiting for more than just the audio. Combine that with the more relaxed and controlled environment offered by its more focussed nature and this ‘small’ show actually offered more opportunities and a significantly better experience than many major audio shows. Ultimate Audio has always stepped off the accepted path and when it comes to shows and special events, this was far from their first rodeo, which helps explain how they managed to accomplish such an ambitious goal with such impressive results. For once, the consistent branding and presentation, the excellent organisation and information were all consistent with the fascinating equipment on show. This was exactly how this sort of event should run. More enjoyable, more representative, more informative and far more cost effective, expect to see more distributors and dealers taking this route as the post-Covid market continues to evolve.

For an alternative view on this intriguing event, you can also look at the following video report: