“Coming Around Again…”

Also on duty in Bristol was the new version of the drum-like Torus sub-woofer (or Infrasonic Generator as WB refer to it). Still grinding its way through CE certification, the company is coy about details and price, in case late changes need to be made. However, what I can tell you is that the new Torus IGX uses an internal amplifier, with controls for level, crossover frequency and phase mounted low on the front of the heavily revised chassis. The cabinet itself is no longer a stack of laminated MDF frames, although what exactly it is remains a mystery. The perfect curve of the old cabinet’s walls have been replaced by ribbed segments, although we’ll have to wait to discover what lies inside them. Otherwise, the familiar, attractive shape and proportions remain essentially unchanged, making this one of the very few ‘pretty’ subs on the market.

For those who believe (like me) that inside a sub-woofer is the very worst place to put an amp and crossover, a passive model is mooted, although as we are in the minority, we’re going to have to wait. Likewise, don’t be surprised to see a higher-end (twin driver?) model at some point in the future. Meanwhile. I expect to have more details, prices etc. in Munich.