The Bristol Show

February 23rd to the 25th, 2024

By Roy Gregory

The Bristol Show, thiis coming weekend, may not be the National Hi-Fi Show that the UK industry craves (but is apparently completely incapable of organizing) but it is the longest running and by far the most established audio show in the country. 35-years young, it is also – and has always been – a dealer organised, selling event, meaning that its principle aim is to promote those brands stocked by the Audio T chain of stores. Show discounts and special offers are the norm – and while you can debate whether this simply collapses four-months’ takings into a single weekend, it does present an uphill struggle to those exhibiting brands that don’t huddle under the Audio T banner. For that reason, few of the major high-end distributors show up and the show sees relatively few major launches. But that’s not to say it doesn’t turn up the occasional interesting brand or product. Last year offered my introduction to the fascinating SupaTrac tonearm and there will doubtless be a few gems this year too.

But given the nature of the event and the product on show, much of which will be familiar, rather than a formal show report I’m going to confine this year’s coverage to FaceBook posts. You’ll be able to find postings at: