Ultimate Sessions Extreme

Ultimate Audio Elite Event,

Porto, Portugal – 17th-19th February

Lisbon-based high-end destination dealer/distributor Ultimate Audio Elite are organising a mini-show, Ultimate Sessions Extreme at the Sheraton Hotel in Porto on the 17th-19th of February. Five rooms will contain systems comprising equipment from Avantgarde, Kondo, Wadax, Gryphon, Taiko, and Diptyche amongst others. In many cases, those will not only be the brand’s flagship pieces, but some of the most interesting and exciting products on the audio market, making this possibly the most concentrated assembly of high-end product to be enjoyed anywhere.

Amongst the more fascinating systems and equipment on offer will be the unusual combination of a Wadax Reference Server, PSU and DAC feeding the Gryphon Commander and Apex amplifiers and the promised debut of the Acoustical Systems AStellar ‘table-top ‘ record player. That alone should make any serious analogue lover keen to beat a path to the beautiful city of Porto. I’m not even going to mention the possible (and obvious) fringe benefits…

With more and more high-end companies moving towards dedicated dealer events in place of the plethora of regional shows, this is perhaps the most ambitious example of the trend. It will be fascinating to experience just how much of each system’s considerable paper potential is realised in practice. But then, with considerable past experience of dedicated brand events and other Ultimate Sessions to draw on, if anybody is up to the task it should be Ultimate Audio Elite.