And now for something completely different…

It’s time to take a break before shifting the focus onto the Konus DAC and phono-stage. In recent years, compact class D amps have rather reduced the shock factor associated with the little box that can – except that I’ve yet to hear a class D amplifier, pretty much irrespective of cost, that can match the sheer musical integrity, intent and enthusiasm of the Integrale 2000. There is a sense of musical substance and generosity to everything this little amp does that delivers serious musical insight – a level of musical insight that embarrasses many far more expensive products purporting to do the same basic job. At a time when so much of the audio industry seems to be stagnating, this little box is one of the most entertaining encouraging and, potentially, important products to cross my path. If you get the feeling that the industry has, to a large extent lost its way and lost sight of its goals, then the Konus Audio Integrale 2000 stands as a timely reminder that the important things still matter – and that if music is important then performance is WAY more important than facilities.

Technical Panel

Input: 2x Line Level

Output Power: 2 x 33W  @ 8 Ohm

Class: AB

Size: 192 mm (w) x 245 mm (d) x 75 mm (h)

Weight: 3,2 kg

Warranty: 5 years

Price: €3,800 (plus tax)


Konus Audio

Tel. +387 611 71641