Apertura Edena Evolution

From the precision and attack of Lisa Batiashvilli’s bowing to the reliable propulsion of Lol Tolhurst’s drumming, the almost athletic grace and agility of Patricia Petibon’s clear soprano to Gillian Welch’s low-voiced intensity, these Aperturas never stand between you and the performers: the better the match to that driving system, the closer they put you – and the further they step away. Like any ‘good’ speaker, they respond to care when it comes to set up and reward a well-chosen amplifier and cables. Unlike many of the more fashionable alternatives, they don’t cost a king’s ransom – although their expectations when it comes to matching equipment and their ambitions when it comes to potential performance might end up costing you one. I wouldn’t describe the Apertura Edena Evolution as an easy speaker, but it is a remarkably rewarding one. Get it right, with the right system, and you might be amazed just how rewarding they can be. The Edena’s beauty is much more than just skin deep. It’s easy to be distracted by that big ribbon driver and the striking combination of curved cabinet walls and angled baffle, but so much of what makes this speaker unique is invisible, either hidden from view (the care and attention that’s gone into the mechanical behaviour of the cabinet and the creation of that complex crossover) or appreciable only once you start to listen. That’s when you realize just why the Edena Evolution is worth your attention – and why the Apertura brand deserves to be much better known.


€7,890/pr (Cherry Satin)

€8,250/pr (High Gloss Black, Rosewood or Figured Maple)

€9,500/pr Auto Paint Finish – color on demand

€9,990/pr Metallic Auto Paint Finish – color on demand

All prices quoted include 19% sales tax.

Manufacturer: Stentor SAS
3 La Hamonais, 44 810 Heric – France
E-mail. contact@apertura-audio.com
Web. aperture-audio.com