Breaking The Sound Barrier – Again:

I started out by describing this arm’s performance as FUN. It’s a description I stand by and now is the time to return to it. No matter what I played, the Blackbird allowed the music to reach out and touch me. The arm might not impede or obstruct the music, but there’s no escaping the feeling that it revels in the emotional intensity that created it. By letting through more of the signal and by allowing it to make more sense, it also allows through more of the artists’ original intent, be that joyous and uplifting, contemplative or deeply affecting. By illuminating the recording it opens access to the music and the performance. No tonearm can do more. It’s early days for Supatrac and the detailed design of the arm is still evolving. So far, each evolution has been retrofittable to existing units. Nor has the price hit the up escalator that so often accompanies new and ground-breaking designs. But reassuringly, the one thing that hasn’t changed is the core concept. As Supatrac continues to refine the operational niceties, I can see the Blackbird developing more exotic, more tractable siblings. I welcome that day – but for now, the existing design is astonishingly capable and musically rewarding. It’s also more affordable than pretty much anything else that gets even close. The Supatrac Blackbird isn’t for everyone: It doesn’t look like most tonearms and in use, it doesn’t feel like them either. But if you are one of those lucky listeners that is intrigued by its novelty and operation and who values performance above all else, then it’s a musical bargain of monumental proportions. Enjoy!


Prices and Availability

Telephone: +44 7704 50 20 20

The UK price list (including VAT):
9 inch Blackbird (Rega, Linn etc)     £2,300
10 – 10.5 inch Blackbird     £2,500
12 inch Blackbird     £2700
Plus delivery fee

Overseas direct sales prices
9 inch Blackbird (Rega, Linn etc)     £1916.67
10 – 10.5 inch Blackbird     £2083.33
12 inch Blackbird     £2250
Plus shipping fee

Custom length     +15%
Custom wiring     +15%
Custom colour     +15%

Prices in overseas markets where SUPATRAC products are distributed by a
distributor are closely aligned with UK prices.