Chord GroundARAY

So much for the CEC/Wadax/VTL/Wilson set up. Since their arrival I’ve been deploying the GroundARAYs for all critical listening, with products as varied as the CH Precision 10 Series and 1 Series, Connoisseur, Berning Quadrature and Trilogy amplification, the Wadax Reference DAC, Transport and Server, the Gryphon Diablo 120 and Levinson 585. In every case the musical impact has been profound – to the point that the GroundARAYs have become an utterly indispensible part of the reviewer’s tool kit. Bottom line here is that the new Chord GroundARAY increases access to and also allows you to focus your efforts when it comes to reducing your system noise floor – and the benefits of both approaches are both easily appreciated and genuinely cost effective. If ever there was a case of suck it and see, then this is it. You might be surprised or even shocked, but I seriously doubt that you’ll be disappointed.

And TV too…

And finally, for those who make a habit of flicking to the last paragraph of any review – as well as those who read it in order – take note that the GroundARAY is available with an HDMI ‘nose’. Whilst some digital and AV components use HDMI for signal transfer, you are far more likely to find the connector on the back of your TV. Plant a GroundARAY in an empty socket and you’ll be shocked by the improvement in dimensionality and depth in the image, increased and more natural colour palette and general focus and clarity. This is a massive difference and it applies to streamed material and disc replay, vintage drama or live sports. If someone had just suggested that you’d moved up a level in quality and a generation in technology, it would be easy to believe. If somebody told you the difference in price was a thousand pounds, the improvement in picture quality would be worth it. In some ways, the result is so significant that it might be the place to start your investigation of the Chord GroundARAY. After all, it’s much easier to believe the evidence of your eyes than your ears…


Technical Panel

Available terminations:       RCA, XLR (M&F), BNC, USB A, HDMI, RJ45

Price:                                      £550 ea.


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