Nordost Tyr X1 Umbilical for CH Precision components

What happens if you install Nordost umbilicals on all three units simultaneously? Happy days! The differences individually are impressive enough, but collectively they are seriously compelling, both sonically and musically and across all musical genres. I chose the single Beethoven disc as a consistent example across the different applications but I could have easily opted for jazz or pop instead. So this upgrade is equally applicable, no matter your musical preferences. But if you can’t justify upgrading all your umbilicals, or at least not all at once, what are the priorities. I’d do the L1 first, followed by the D1.5 (or P1) and finally the C1. For listeners using the D1.5 as a standalone player, the X1 offers a substantial upgrade. Including the Nordost umbilical makes that upgrade even bigger and more cost effective. Likewise, anybody using the L1 with an X1 should hear what the Nordost umbilical can do: If you are thinking of adding the external power supply to your line-stage, the Nordost umbilical should be pretty much mandatory.

These Nordost Tyr 2 umbilicals are a welcome upgrade for CH Precison’s already impressive electronics. Existing X1 owners should definitely investigate the benefits: I doubt that they’ll be anything other than impressed. Those considering the X1 upgrade should factor the Nordost umbilicals into their auditioning/budget planning. When I first heard about the Nordost cables, I wondered whether this review might conclude with an, ‘icing on the cake’ kind of conclusion: something you might consider as the final touch in a finished system. But listening with and getting used to the (considerable) musical rewards of these upgraded umbilicals makes it clear that they have a far more fundamental place and importance than that. If you are going to invest in an X1, you are short-changing your system and yourself if you don’t give the Tyr 2 umbilical a listen…



Nordost Tyr 2 Speciality X1 Cable (1.5m) – $3,999.99


Nordost Corporation,