Return of The thin White Duke…

As we seem inevitably to move to smaller spaces (and smaller driving systems?) the Nel speakers take on an ever-greater significance. They promise to bring the musical qualities and natural range of expression that defines genuine high-end systems to smaller rooms and smaller budgets. Let’s not forget that there’s a Nel to match many a situation and pocket. The Signature is undoubtedly – unmistakably – exceptional, but its bones and DNA are all present and correct in the other Nel speakers. The Signature’s exquisite refinements, arrived at the hard way through time and experience, elevate its ability to connect with and engage the listener. There’s a compelling quality to its performance that allows it to affect, entertain or shock as required. There are few speakers at this price that offer its natural tonal balance, expressive range or musical subtlety. There are few speakers full stop that can be this much fun. Yet, like many French products, it seems happiest close to home. T&T are starting to generate an international reputation, with distribution following as a natural result. Right now, the Nel Signatures might not be easy to find, but they’ll definitely reward the effort. They aren’t exactly cheap, but in sonic and musical terms, they are an absolute bargain.


Prices and availability:

T&T Nel Signature – €14,800 (inc. 20% sales tax)


T&T Enceintes Acoustiques

61 Quai Maurice Barjon

26500 Bourg-lès-Valence

T.+33 (0) 481 66 10 43