The Wand 14-4 Turntable and Wand Plus Tonearm


Tech Panel

Wand 14-4 Turntable

Type:                                      Belt-driven turntable with uni-pivot tonearm

Motor:                                     24v DC

Speeds:                                 33,45 with 78 to order (fixed)

Platter:                                   Four-layer aluminium/acrylic sandwich

Weight:                                  12kg

Dimensions:                                    480 x 400 x 120mm

Wand Plus Tonearm

Type:                                      Un-damped uni-pivot

Geometry:                             Baerwald

Armtube:                                22mm diameter carbon-fibre

Effective Length:                  262mm/10.3” (9.5” and 12” also available)

Effective Mass:                     14g

Cartridge Weight Range:   3-8.4g (extra counterweight discs available)

Weight:                                  600g


Prices (all including 20% sales tax):

Wand 14-4 Turntable – €4,000

Wand Plus 12” Tonearm – €1,900

Wand 14-4 Turntable and 12” Wand Plus Tonearm – €5,400

Wand Master 12″ Tonearm – €3,300


Review Unit Supplied By:

Acoustic Precision, France –


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