Tom Evans Audio Design – Breaking The Mould…

The Groove has a long history and it’s a story of incremental but constant progress, an unbroken line starting from the original Iso and continuing today. It was one of the first products to demonstrate that serious high-end performance could be achieved without spending the kids’ inheritance. This latest version continues that tradition, bringing extra dynamic range, an even quieter noise floor and the sense of presence and dimensionality that goes with them. It carries a more subtle and developed tonal palette, without adding spurious weight or tailored colouration. But most importantly of all, it brings music to life, putting you firmly in the same space as the original performance. In many ways, the fact that I’ve spent so much time comparing it to and referencing the CH Precision P1 says it all. To be on the same page as that benchmark performer at a fifth of its price is impressive indeed. Of course, there’s more to it than that and one of the ways in which The Groove is able to compete is by paring facilities back to the bare minimum: No multiple inputs, no remote control capability, no optional EQ curves, no set-up aids or configurable display. The Groove concentrates solely on performance and, just like a pared down, lightweight sports car, that performance – the musical performance – can be genuinely exhilarating.


Price:   £5,000 (inc. 20% sales tax)

Tom Evans Audio Design

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