The Rooms

Read about our three rooms, each with increasing levels of optimization and treatment.

The Studio

A standard domestic type environment (no dedicated AC, little or no acoustic treatment, dedicated clean ground, basic racks and supports).

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The Reading Room

A larger space with a suspended floor, dedicated AC and tunable low-frequency acoustic treatment. With more sophisticated racks and supports, its upstairs location makes it most suitable for floorstanding or stand-mounted speakers of moderate size and weight, up to and including the Wilson Alexia. Anyone bringing anything bigger (or heavier) than that, better bring labour! 

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The Music Room

The largest available space, built to optimum dimensions within a converted barn and with roll-in access through extra wide doors, it has been designed to accommodate the largest and most ambitious products on offer. Solid floor, dedicated AC, light-touch, adaptable acoustic treatment and adjustable venting make this a remarkably adaptable yet critical listening space.  

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