DS Audio ION-001 Vinyl Ioniser

Used with optical disc, the ION-001 offered a similar performance advantage over the Furutech De Stat III, although in this instance the long-term benefits are harder to gauge. It might be possible to devise a test regime – one involving identical players and discs – but honestly, life’s too short. I’m just happy to get on with enjoying the DS Audio’s musical benefits, regardless of media or format. The results on LP are sufficiently impressive to brook no dispute, while the initial performance lift on CD or SACD is nearly as impressive.

At €1,700 the DS Audio isn’t cheap but it is so effective that it has quickly become just another part of my record replay process. You might question how it stacks up in terms of value when compared to, for instance, sinking the same funds into a new or better cartridge? That’s actually to misunderstand its contribution. What the ION-001 does is different and complementary to the other elements in the disc replay chain. It isn’t an either/or decision. It’s not a case of a vinyl ioniser or a better cartridge. You really need both. This is no mere ‘accessory’. Instead think of it as a free-standing De Stat on steroids, a bit like a record cleaning machine for invisible static pollution – and arguably even more important than a good RCM to audio and musical performance. That better cartridge (or CD player) still makes sense – even if you have to wait a little longer to get it.

Anybody who uses discs, vinyl or optical, as a primary source should seek out and listen to this DS Audio device. It won’t revolutionise your disc replay: it will just make each and every disc you have sound much, much better! The De Stat III is good. The ION-001 is considerably better. It’s worth every penny of its not inconsiderable price.


€1,700 / £1,500 GBP including 20% sales tax.

$1,800 USD plus sales tax.



DS Audio, Japan