The Vimberg Mino Loudspeaker

We often talk about products that “raise the bar” or “set new standards”. In many ways, the Mino is just such a product – but by its very nature, the results will depend on the partnering equipment. If you are looking for a serious set of speakers and you hear what the Mino can do, you might just decide that its time to look at the amp too – just to get this speaker into your system and working at its best. That’s how good the Mino is. It might not ultimately be the speaker you choose, but if you are shopping at or anywhere near this price-point, it’s definitely the speaker you should hear. In fact, there are plenty of far more expensive speakers that the Mino will bring out in hives. Besides, if you really want to spend more, there’s always the larger (and arguably even more impressive) Vimberg Tonda or the Tidal models…

Is the Mino a Tidal on the cheap? No – it’s a Vimberg! On this showing it need make no apologies for that. The beauty here goes way more than merely skin deep and, as attractive as the Mino most definitely is, its real appeal only emerges once you hear it sing. This isn’t Tidal-lite: instead its Tidal DNA applied just as meticulously to a more affordable set of parts – with spectacularly successful musical results. The Vimberg Mino might not actually set the world alight, but it should seriously shake up the high-end speaker market.


Technical panel

Type:                                      Three-way, floorstanding speaker system

Driver Complement:                       1x 30mm Accuton Cell Ceramic tweeter

1x 90mm Accuton Cell Ceramic Midrange

3x 168mm Accuton Cell Ceramic woofers

Bass Loading:                     Dual reflex port

Bandwidth:                           Room dependent so not defined.

Efficiency:                              89dB

Nominal Impedance:          4 Ohms (3.8 Ohms minimum)