Tempting Fate?

The beautifully engineered (and beautiful sounding) Analog Audio Design TP-1000, replay only tape machine. Stirling didn’t touch the tape deck during set up, but it certainly gloried in the end result. Besides which – its elegant, purposeful and beautifully executed design is definitely worth a picture.

And a final note: Stirling is a highly experienced professional and, like all professionals, he charges for his services. Those services embrace system assessment and set up. As well as working on your system he can advise as to what changes would help move it in the right direction – although it is important to note that he doesn’t offer or sell equipment. In that sense he works separately to and in addition to your dealer(s) and remains completely commercially neutral. Currently, he charges $2,250 USD a day (on site) plus expenses. That also covers an in-depth assessment before any work or visit is agreed, as well as a detailed follow up. That might seem expensive – until you compare that price to the total cost of your system and the huge musical benefits that result. In many cases, the total cost of an ASO set up is less (in some cases considerably less) than the price of a single power cord in a system. Yet in others, the results conjured from even modest systems are quite remarkable. It should come as no surprise that Stirling has an awful lot of repeat customers, or that he also works with many high-profile reviewers. Once you’ve heard what he can do, it’s not just hard, it’s foolish to ignore the benefits.

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Stirling Trayle – Audio Systems Optimized

Petaluma, CA