If you are looking for an affordable line-stage that will anchor your system without throttling your music or allowing it to wallow in a marsh of temporal inexactitude, The Vibe ticks all the boxes. If musical access and insight are your primary goals, I can’t think of anything that will get you further down that road without costing considerably more. And if you think your system can do without a line-stage, then you should hear it with The Vibe. I’m fortunate. I have access to a number of genuinely superb line-stages, line-stages that cost rather more than family saloons. Yet, every time I return to The Vibe, I’m surprised by how well it survives the comparison. It might lack the facilities and versatility of the CH Precision, or the legendary reputation of the Connoisseur 4.2LE, but quality will out and, for all its outward simplicity, The Vibe is quality: with a sophisticated and highly-evolved circuit, don’t be fooled by appearances. A top-flight line-stage is the bedrock on which to build system performance and The Vibe delivers exactly the sort of direct, no-nonsense solution that systems so desperately need. It keeps surprising me. I suspect it will surprise you, too…


Prices and availability:

TEAD The Vibe Mk.1.7 –      £5,000

The Pulse Power Supply –    £2,250

Contact Information:

Tom Evans Audio Design

e. sales@audiodesign.co.uk

n. www.audiodesign.co.uk